Probate, Estate Planning & Wills

Maguire & Brennan have administered estates since 1916. We have the expertise to guide individuals, couples and families through the process of making a will, inheritance planning, and executing the deceased’s wishes after they pass.

We can assist you with making a will, grants of probate, estate, and tax planning, setting up trusts, powers of attorney, will disputes, family affairs and any other issue relating to probate and inheritance law.


Why should I make a will?


  • It will look after those close to me and whom I wish to benefit.
  • It will ensure that my property will pass to those I appoint and not those the State selects.
  • It can always be easily changed by me.
  • The cost for a simple will is in the region of €100.00.
  • I can choose my own executors.
  • The law will ensure that my wishes are complied with.
  • I can minimise the exposure of my estate to capital acquisitions and other taxes.
  • It saves my family from possible complex legal problems when I die.

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